Intel AXXRBBU2 Battery, P/N: C99669-001

Intel AXXRBBU2 Battery, P/N: C99669-001 - Click to enlarge
Intel AXXRBBU2 Battery, P/N: C99669-001 - Click to enlarge
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  • Intel Product Code: AXXRBBU2 / AXXRBBU3
  • Intel Order No.: C95291-003 / C95291-005

    Intel RAID Controllers and Intel Integrated Server RAID Modules provide reliability, high performance, and fault-tolerant disk subsystem management. A complete fault-tolerant strategy requires protection for all data, including the unwritten cached data in the RAM cache. If power is lost, the data in RAM is lost. To avoid this data loss, a battery can be added to supply power to the RAID RAM during an AC power outage or if the AC power cord is removed.

    The Intel RAID Smart Battery (RSB) is a small battery pack accessory to the Intel® Integrated Server RAID and the SCSI RAID on Motherboard (ROMB) solutions used on particular Intel® Server Platforms. The Smart Battery preserves the contents of the RAID DIMM in the event of a power failure. Once power is restored, all of the preserved data in the RAID Cache DIMM is flushed to the RAID drives. The Smart Battery Circuit ensures that the backup battery is maintained at a full charge for optimal performance when it is activated. When activated, it provides backup power to the RAID DIMM for up to 64 hours.

    The Intel RAID Smart Battery is a compact package that contains the following components:
  • Battery pack: The NiMH battery pack supplies power to the RAM if AC power is lost. The pack includes a Smart Refresh circuit and charger. The refresh circuit is based on the Texas Instruments* bq2060A SBS v1.1-compliant Gas Gauge IC. Software to monitor and inform the user of RSB activities is included.
  • Plastic battery holder: The holder is designed to fit the following Intel® ROMB-based server chassis and platforms:
    • Intel Entry Server Chassis SC5299-E
    • Intel Server Chassis SC5400
    • Intel Server Platform SR1550AL with product code SR1550ALSAS
    • Intel Server Platform SR2500AL with product code SR2500ALSAS
    • Intel Server Platform SR4850HW4 with SCSI ROMB, product code SHW4UR/M
    • Intel Server Platform SR6850HW4 with SCSI ROMB, product code SHW6UR/M
    • Intel Server Platform SR4850HW4/M with Intel® Integrated Server RAID (SAS), product code SHW4URM3SA
    • Intel Server Platform SR6850HW4/M with Intel Integrated Server RAID (SAS), product code SHW6URM3SA

      The battery pack fits inside the plastic clamshell, which in turn slides onto connectors in the server chassis.
  • Connecting cables: 20-pin cables of multiple lengths are supplied in the kit to support various server configurations. These cables are connected between the battery pack and a connection point on the Intel Server System.

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