MD68M/MD68M, SCSI-3 Screw Type Cable, 6-Foot

MD68M/MD68M, SCSI-3 Screw Type Cable, 6-Foot - Click to enlarge
MD68M/MD68M, SCSI-3 Screw Type Cable, 6-Foot - Click to enlarge
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P/N: SCS-3200-06
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HD68 (MD68) M/M Cables allow your SCSI devices to operate at their peak in performance. The 68-pin Micro-Density connector is used on peripheral devices such as scanners and external storage devices but is also found on the Ultra SCSI host cards. Use these fast performing SCSI 3 cables to connect your peripherals either to a SCSI 3 host controller or to each other. SCSI cables are used for high speed data communications and are manufactured with twisted pair cables and a double shield to insure signal integrity. These SCSI 3 cables are made to the ANSI specifications with a typical impedance of 132 ohms.

  • 6 foot Ultra SCSI 3
  • P/N: SCS-3200-06
  • Male HD68 (MD68) to Male HD68 (MD68)
  • Double shielded to insure signal integrity
  • Designed to connect SCSI 3 peripherals such as scanners, and external storage devices to the fast Ultra SCSI 3 host controller

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